Walking Around Hartpury

Public Footpaths in Hartpury

As part of the national programme devised by the Countryside Commission, the Parish Council has, through the Parish Paths Partnership, worked with Gloucestershire County Council to improve and signpost the footpath network within the parish. Similar work has been done in surrounding parishes and, in many cases, their paths join ours to make possible more extended walks.

Definitive rights of way are, of course, shown on Ordnance Survey maps (Landranger Sheet 162; Explorer Sheet 179), but even on 1:25,000 maps they are not always easy to follow. In addition, some recent diversions may not be shown. We have attempted to waymark all our paths so that they may be followed without difficulty. Generally, this has been done with official GCC discs, yellow for footpaths, blue for bridleways and red for RUPPs. These discs are placed wherever the route may not be obvious, usually at gates, stiles and points of path division, or at changes of direction. The convention followed is to set the discs to indicate the direction of the path(s) ahead, assuming the walker is standing “square on” to the stile, gate or other structure on which the disc is mounted.

For anyone starting their walks from their car, it may be noted that cars can usually be parked at the Village Hall, near the Church or at one of the local Pubs (ask permission of the landlord).

Hartpury Jubilee Walk

Hartpury Parish Council are pleased to introduce the Jubilee Walk to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, please click here for the map and see below for directions.

Hartpury Jubilee Walk (5 miles approx.)

This walk is described in an anti-clockwise direction, and has stiles and some steep inclines. Please follow the countryside code. Turn left from the Village Hall, and walk down Over Old Road towards the A417. Cross the A417 and turn left towards Gloucester. Turn right down Danford Lane, then continue straight ahead steeply downhill on the green lane (A). Go through gate and shortly after go over stile into the field on the left (B). Head right at 45 degrees to a gap in the hedge, then straight across the next field to a bridge and steep stile. Head for the far left corner of this field (C), then over a stile. Follow the path round to the right around Catsbury Hill before heading across fields towards Corsend Road and the Church. Turn left at the road (D) and continue to the Church. TAKE CARE ON THIS BUSY ROAD! Turn left on the road to Murrells End then left again into the Churchyard. Pass through the churchyard and leave via a footpath by the Bee Shelter behind the Church (E). Go across fields to the lane to Hartpury University and College Home Farm. Take a path just before the cottages that leads to the road around Home Farm, and follow this before turning right towards the main site. After about 200m turn left and follow a path through woodland. On leaving the woods (F) bear left and follow the footpath signs crossing the golf driving range. Head right (G) along a hacking track, and then a footpath parallel to it, until the public road to the main entrance is reached. Cross the road and turn right, then immediately left over a small bridge, then left again. Follow this path passing over the road to the Equine Centre, cross another track then through Darley Wood, into a field and then left into Dents Lane (H). Walk up the Lane to the busy A417. Cross this with great care, turn right and then left up Hiams Lane. At the top of the hill (I) there is a footpath to the left, through two fields, then a wood, to Woolridge Hill. Cross over and take the footpath opposite, which goes down the hill towards Woolridge Farm. At the farm turn right through three fields until Over Old Road is reached again, then turn left back to the Village Hall.

The Hartpury Circular Walk

This walk, of about 6½km, can be started from the junction of Danford Lane and the A417 or the Church. Although it can be walked in either direction, the views are probably more interesting if it is followed anti-clockwise.

From the Old Village Hall walk down Danford Lane, after entering fields again, bear left for Catsbury Hill and then follow the path round the hill before heading across fields towards the Church. Join the road and carry on to St Mary’s Church (you may wish to view the Tithe Barn and Hartpury Mill just a little further south-west). Pass through the Churchyard and across a field to the lane to Hartpury College and University Home Farm. (If you are nervous of any Longhorn Cattle in the field behind the Church, you may carry on past the Church and turn up the lane; this diversion passes Hartpury Court and the old Catholic Chapel just beyond the Church.)

Turn right immediately before the houses and skirt them before crossing the field to the bottom of the drive near the lake and then follow the waymarks through fields with horse jumps and a sports field to Moorend. At Moorend, bear sharp left before bearing right across a foot bridge and left across a field to another footbridge into Catgrove Wood. Leaving the wood, bear right and follow the signs to the A417 at the Old School.

Spurs and variations

Shorter circuits can be made using a number of linking paths. For example: from the Home Farm direct to the Old School; from Catsbury Hill to Rudgeley Wood and thence to the Old School; from Moorend to Danford Lane or the Village Hall, using paths behind Tweenhills Farm. The circular walk can easily be reached on foot from a number of points. From the junction of Corse End Road and the A417, there are paths to Danford Lane, parallel to the A417. From Over Old Road there are field paths north and south of the Methodist Church or one can walk down Woolridge Hill. From Corsend, walk by the green lane (RUPP) past Catsbury Cottage or follow one of the field paths to Danford Lane.

Walks to our southern neighbours

In the south of the parish there are a number of linear paths which can be enjoyed individually or as part of longer circular routes. From Murrells End, there is a walk south-west to the River Leadon where a bridge crosses the river into Rudford Parish near Rudford Church.

An alternative path leaves the road from Murrells End to Hartpury Church and crosses fields south to another footbridge where one can cross and follow a path to the Barber’s Bridge Monument. A footpath along the trackbed of the old Gloucester to Ledbury Railway can be followed to Rudford Church and can be used to make a circular walk back to Hartpury.

From Drews Farm a path north of the barn leads east before dividing, the northern spur leading to Dents Lane, the southern spur crossing the parish boundary to join the path from Moorend to Overton Farm.

Another and an historically interesting route is along the old “Roman Road”, now a bridleway, from Murrell’s End to Maisemore. Old maps declare that there are traces of Roman Pavement but these are unlikely to be found nowadays. Nevertheless, this is an interesting walk, with fine views of the Leadon Valley.

Walks from Corsend

Apart from the paths already mentioned which link to the central “Circular Walk”, there are a number of interesting paths from Corsend, some of which can be linked to make additional circular walks. West of Corsend Farm, a path heads north west for Prestberries Farm, with a western branch leading to Blackwells End, while a north eastern branch meets an east-west path from the Watersmeet PH which then crosses the parish boundary to reach Corse Church. There is a linking path from Prestberries Farm to Corse Church.

At Corse Church, the path joins the southernmost part of the “Whitmore Way”, a series of circular walks in the parishes of Corse and Staunton, for which a guide is also available. From Slopers Farm on Corsend Road, paths lead to the Old Canning Arms and the Watersmeet PH. From the former, after a short walk north up the A417, one can bear off north east across the fields and join the “Whitmore Way” past Foscombe House.

Walks to Ashleworth

Across the road from the Old Canning Arms a path leads eastward to connect to the network of Ashleworth paths which ultimately lead down to Ashleworth village centre and the River Severn. Another route leads east about half way to the Watersmeet. An interesting walk to the Severn starts at Hill Farm on the Over Old Road. This route, signed as a bridleway, drops down to Longridge Lane, whence, by turning right to Longridge End and then bearing left where the lane peters out, one can reach the river bank which can be followed north to the Boat PH.

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