Members of Hartpury Parish Council

Hartpury Parish Council is comprised of seven councillors who are elected by the parishioners and serve for a term of four years.

Mr Alastair McGhee, Chairman

Mr Dave Zeal, Councillor

Mr Richard Pett, Councillor

Mr Jonathan Clarke, Councillor

Mr Rob Gregory, Vice-Chairman

Mrs Rachel Watson, Councillor

Mrs Sylvia Gibbs, Councillor

To view a councillor’s register of interest, please click on the relevant file below:

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Thumbnail for Alastair-McGhee-Register-of-Interest.pdfAlastair-McGhee-Register-of-Interest.pdf

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Thumbnail for David-Zeal-Register-of-Interest.pdfDavid-Zeal-Register-of-Interest.pdf

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Thumbnail for Jonathan-Clarke-Register-of-Interest.pdfJonathan-Clarke-Register-of-Interest.pdf

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Thumbnail for Rachel-Watson-Register-of-Interest.pdfRachel-Watson-Register-of-Interest.pdf

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Thumbnail for Richard-Pett-Register-of-Interest.pdfRichard-Pett-Register-of-Interest.pdf

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Thumbnail for Robert-Gregory-Register-of-Interest.pdfRobert-Gregory-Register-of-Interest.pdf

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Thumbnail for Sylvia-Gibbs-Register-of-Interest.pdfSylvia-Gibbs-Register-of-Interest.pdf

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